NCEA Level 3 Chemistry

Thermochemical principles & Properties

New outlines and revision notes for the revised Level 3 standards were prepared in 2013.

However the three new externally assessed AS are not that different from the expired ones and most of the resources are still fine to use!

91390 Demonstrate understanding of thermochemical principles & the properties of particles and substances outline

Last minute Thermochemical Principles & the Properties of Particles reminders

NB2S AS 91390 Practice Exam paper #1 newAnswers (sorry not as AME)HEREnew

NB2S AS 91390 Practice Exam paper #2 Answers (sorry not as AME)HEREnew

Atomic Structure and Bonding revision - ALL still useful for AS 91390

Collated NCEA questions (2006-2010) - mostly still useful for AS 91390

91390 Collated NCEA questions (2009-2017) - electron configurations, atomic and ionic radii, periodic trends etc

91390 Collated NCEA questions (2010-2017) - shapes of molecules, polarity etc

91390 Collated NCEA questions (2010-2017) - attractive forces between atoms. ions and molecules

91390 Collated NCEA questions (2011-2017) - enthalpy calculations

91390 Collated NCEA questions (2013-2017) - entropy

91390 Ionic bonding summary

91390 Explaining why (size, shape, polarity, electronegativity etc)

Periodic trends revision - still ALL useful for 91390

Shapes and polarity summary

Shapes of molecules and polarity - ALL still useful for 91390

91390 Enthalpy change calculation help

Further Periodic trends revision- ALL still useful for AS 91390

Entropy basics - info sheetnew

General flashcards - mostly definitions (multiple AS topics)

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